Photo credit to Elizabeth Person. Art by Elizabeth Person.

Photo credit to Elizabeth Person. Art by Elizabeth Person.


Do you have art to share?


Email us your portfolio, preferably a website, that is representative of what you'd share to Guidelines are below.

We prefer a show that is about 150 sf of art. If you don't have this much art, we can try to combine shows based on other submissions.

A mix of large and medium sizes is especially welcome, but we've done smaller format art grouped together. 

Most of the artwork should be less than three feet tall. We have room for one piece up to six feet tall. We have one space up to ten feet tall, but it's in the back by the bathrooms - so almost everyone might see it, but just briefly!

We have illuminated metal rails that support adjustable hook-and-wire hanging for most of the walls, and a few nails in the walls in the back.

We prefer art cards for each work with title and price. We like to have have business cards or postcards, or an explanatory statement on the wall, for us to refer people to.

We usually swap art on the second Saturday of each month before we open at 1 pm.

We aspire to do an artist reception if you want to bring your friends and/or advertise it separately.

We prefer that the art stay on the wall for the duration of the show unless the art is replaced with new art the next day. 

We can put a 24 hour hold on art for people who want to buy but need to make arrangements.

We accept cash and check on behalf of the artist. (There is a cash machine nearby.)

If you have online payment set up for people to use on their phones or computer, we can facilitate that.

We use Square and can use your Square account on one of our spare tablets if you're comfortable with that for credit card payments. 

We take no percentage or fee. Our walls are free. We're just happy to have art on them.

We created a place where people can connect with each other and be comfortable. We prefer to show art that matches our intent.